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Colleen S. - January 19, 2019

You're Awesome!

I had so much fun last night. Probably one of the best nights I've ever had a Jersey's. You guys rocked it! I danced so much I think was able to burn off the calories from my drinks that I also enjoyed meeting your newest band member, Fab Dee. Had a conversation with him at the bar, he's so nice. A picture and recap of last night will definitely be put in my Facebook album called Memories of 2019. Fab will remember me mentioning that. It’s pictures taken threw out the year of anything great that I have experienced. It's a way to remember/appreciate the wonderful things life has to offer.

IPress Release: 4/28/2015 / Kaotic Notes

"I was first introduced to Selective Soul thanks to bassist Tony Cappello. I had the honour of meeting Tony, who played at the very first ' Hell N Back ' show I attended in February 2015. Excitedly, a friend an i headed to Stonewalls in Hamilton...

Solid soul, rock and folk at area venues

Press Release: 5/8/2013 / Brantford Expositor
As summer approaches, we head down to the trailer at Port Dover. I was lucky to be in that bustling community on Saturday night to take in a powerhouse ensemble that calls itself Selective Soul...

Hamilton's Selective Soul makes Winona Peach Festival debut

Press Release: 8/25/2016 / Hamilton News
Brian Sokolich knows he’s doing something right when people start dancing and singing along to his music.
The lead singer of Hamilton band Selective Soul, Sokolich and his bandmates will make their first appearance at this year’s Winona Peach Festival.

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