Brian Sokolich

At any Selective Soul show, expect to see performance nuances from Brian's influences throughout Selective Soul's show. 

Some influences you will identify include: David Lee Roth, Mick Jagger, Jim Morrison, Freddy Mercury and Michael Hutchence, just to name a few.

Brian combines all of his musical influences to make his unique entertaining and captivating style.

Vocally, Brian's natural voice is notably very similar to Canadian Icon, Gord Downie of the Tragically Hip.  When you attended a show you will know exactly what we mean once you hear Selective Soul kick the audience into gear with their Tragically Hip covers.  

Adding to the dynamics of the Selective Soul shows, Brian will electrify the crowd with his tasteful harmonica playing - which adds a flavourful sound to their song-list. Brian was featured in the song "The Parting", on the album "Daggers and Disgust", by the band, Sarasin.


Brian's true signature is his ability to include the crowd into the music that he performs.

"Our singer (Brian) is 'cordless' and will often loose himself into the crowd. We'll look up and see Brian in the crowd with a bunch of people having a blast, singing into the mic. We tend to have a lot of fun at our gigs and we love to bring the crowd along for the ride."

Brian was vocally trained by Van Halen’s former front-man's cousin Ken Tamplin (cousin of Sammy Hagar), out of California which helped Brian achieve the range to deliver covers from a wide range of artists.

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