At a young age, Brian always knew he wanted to perform live and his stage presence reflects crafted, experienced showmanship. 

Brian is a founding member of Selective Soul, which formed in 2010. Brian actually named the band Selective Soul, as they started out as a 'Collective Soul' tribute.

The 'Selective Soul' name stuck with the band as they transitioned from a Selective Soul tribute band, to a  premium act offering a more varied selection of music for Selective Soul to entertain more venue's.


At the age of 14, Chris was performing in small auditoriums and playing the High School circuit. Chris started professional recording sessions and studio experience at the age of 16.

By the end of high school, Chris started in the Toronto club circuit in places such as; The Gasworks, Larry's Hideaway, The legendary El Macombo, Club Heaven, Le Moustache (Montreal), Hooper's (Ottawa) and many more. The club circuit took him touring throughout Canada, meanwhile while balancing studies, lessons and session work with several bands.


Selective Soul had been searching for some time for a Guitar player that could fill the role. Searching for our new Lead Guitar player proved to be a difficult task, especially given the tenure (and talent) of a founding member who started the band back nine years ago.

When "The Fab" joined Selective Soul, we picked up where we left off and we continue to refine our sound to this day.


Selective Soul is pleased to welcome Len Vaccari into the band. Len's style of playing provides a strong, solid foundation for the band. 

Len and Chris go back some years ago, to the days of “The Gasworks” and several other Toronto-based clubs, where …“we played a little louder and heavier back then”.

Gene (In Memory...)

Gene is an original founding member of Selective Soul.

Sadly, we lost Gene on August 29, 2018.

Gene was a bright light in Selective Soul. The band moves forward in honour of our friend, which is what Gene wished.

Gene will forever be a member of Selective Soul. 

All our shows are dedicated to you, buddy.

R.I.P., Gene. We miss you man and you will never be forgotten.

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